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Joel Leder has been creating puppets and ventriloquist characters since the age of nine. Unable to find the type of partner  he wanted, Joel decided he had to learn to create his own. Suddenly other ventriloquists and puppeteers requested that Joel create characters for them and DUMMYPRODUCTIONS was born. Ventriloquists from around the world have been using his figures for  nearly thirty years.

Joel mostly builds for his own act at this time but sometimes has a time for a custom order or even a few stock figures available.

Below are some examples of the work of Joel Leder. First are figures from his own act and collection. Second will be just a sample of some of the figures he has built over the years. Finally, will be any figures that are currently for sale.

Joel's Characters


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Earlier Creations

This is not a catalog but rather examples of Joels previous work.

Some of the photos have fadedand some of these figures' whereabouts are unknown . If you happen to own a figure created by Joel Leder let him know.

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Joel takes custom orders now and then and is  available for special effects and other projects on a limited basis.

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